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ITEC Executive Board
April 4, 2007
9 a.m. Teleconference

I.                   Attendance

Jeff Bartkovich, Judi Basinski, Ron Brown, Mary Ann Corsetti, Dave DeMarco,

Todd Foreman, Leif Hartmark, Carey Hatch, Karen Klose, Pat Murphy, Mike Pisa, Dave Powalyk, and Gary Sproul


II.                Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve 2/21/07 minutes of meeting by Jeff Bartkovich.

Motion to approve 3/1/07 minutes of meeting by Karen Klose. 

No discussion.  All in favor, no opposition.


III.             OLIS Update:  Carey Hatch

Carey provided the following written update to the Executive Board:

OLIS and ITEC staff met with a former Ex Libris employee to discuss the advantages and disadvantages to consolidating the current Aleph software architecture.  It was determined that the effort to make that move did not provide significant benefit. 

IV.       SUNY Learning Network Update:  Carey Hatch

Carey provided the following written update to the Executive Board:

A formal call was placed for campuses interested in piloting ANGEL for Fall 2007 in the SLN/ITEC environment.  To date, 9 campuses have officially responded.


We are finalizing the SLN Participating Institution Agreements and hope to have them out by the end of the week.

We are working on spreadsheets to help campuses better determine their ANGEL storage requirements and associated ITEC hosting costs.

SICAS is working on templates for Banner exports related to testing of ANGEL’s XEI application. 

ANGEL is scheduled to provide us specifications by the end of April for their enhancements to XEI which will provide tighter integration with Banner.

V.        Director’s Report:  Ron Brown

Searches:  One person has been hired in an SL-2 Programmer/Analyst (UNIX) position and one UNIX position remains open.  The committee continues to interview.  The two SL-3 Lead Programmer/Analysts (DBA) positions are open and the committee will be conducting interviews this week.

Space Rehab:  The rehab of the Twin Rise 201 conference room is underway.

Power/AC:  Ron met with architects recently.  There is still discussion on minor items but the project is moving forward.

Budget: Ron will send out a comparison of the last three-years of recharges.   

Dual Data Center:  Ron has the specs for storage needs.  A group from ITEC and System Administration will meet with IBM, HP, and Dell with respect to their SAN technology.

BC/Data Center: The interviews to collect information have been completed and are being evaluated. 

Service Documents:  Ron suggests the Board consider updating specifications in the service documents and review the By-laws for any needed amendments.  This will be an agenda item for a future meeting.    

Wizard:  Good feedback was received on virtualization.  There also was interest in Strohl especially with regards to pandemic planning.    @Task has provided demo accounts for interested campuses.    

Confluence/wiki: ITEC is developing a wiki for the Executive Board and the CCIO’s.

Resolution:  Gary Sproul and Leif Hartmark will move forward the Executive Board approved resolution on capital funding.  The SICAS Center’s Executive Board made a similar recommendation.   It was suggested that the resolution be sent to the Advisory Committee with questions going to Ron.


VI.       Contract Update:  Mary Ann Corsetti

Adobe:  UB Micro’s Adobe contract is in the process of renewal.  The current contract goes though June 30 and the renewal will be effective July 1 for two years.

Training Contracts:  Contracts are being renewed for MicroKnowledge, New Horizons, and New York Interactive Media (NYIM).

ESRI:  The ESRI contract is being amended to add the data interoperability tool.

SPSS:  Mary Ann is having difficulty getting a response from the representative.

Omni: Mary Ann will be following up on her initial discussion with Omni.  It appears that they may allow SUNY to take advantage of volume pricing.

Oracle:  Once Hyperion is part of the Oracle “family,” Hyperion will be included in the semi-annual meetings held with Oracle.  Hyperion will support Discoverer for some time but Oracle is changing their direction to OBI EE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition).   Mike Notarius noted that at the SunGard Summit, Oracle indicated that they may do some enhancements to Discoverer but the real push will be OBI EE.  If a campus is looking at Hyperion for finance, other reporting tools to consider are Cognos and Argos.  Charlie clarified that SunGard announced Cognos as a select partner. SunGard has three levels of partnership with the first being a select partner.  Cognos is a select partner but there is no indication that they are the one and only.  Argos currently is not at the same level.


VII.          Training Center Update:  Pat Murphy

Location Change:  The move to a new location is on schedule and will be finalized by May 1.

CIT:  Conference planning is moving forward.

Angel Training:  Based on responses from Wizard, the Training Center will schedule a 1½ day seminar for those moving or thinking about moving to Angel.

Wizard:  The conference was well received.

New Program:  A program for academic department chairs will be offered in the fall.  It is training geared toward new and current chairs.

Points Analysis:  Pat will have the points analysis completed for the next call.  This should be an agenda item for the next meeting.  


VIII.       SICAS Center Update:  Charlie Young

Strategic Direction:  The SICAS Center is undertaking two initiatives to identify and make recommendations on future strategic direction to the Executive Committee.  The first initiative involves an environmental scan to see what additional services the SICAS Center should consider offering that would be beneficial to member campuses.  The second initiative is to revisit the user group organizational structure.  The current FAUG structure was established in 1990 and is now stretched with 40 campuses.  Maggie Moehringer will be the project lead for both of these fact finding projects.  A report should be available by STC.

Searches:  The SICAS Center is interviewing for a remote DBA.  A new lead programmer/analyst and programmer/analyst position is anticipated for the spring.

Budget:  The budget is ready to present to the Executive Committee.

Summit:  There were approximately 200 people at the SunGard Summit.  SunGard is adopting Oracle technology and looking at Banner 9 and 10.  Luminis is available as Oracle for a Uportal.  Charlie indicated that SunGard realizes that customers use products other than Oracle.


IX.             System Administration:  Dave DeMarco

No update.


X.                Old Business



XI.             New Business

Nominations for Executive Board:  An email was sent to the Advisory Committee requesting nominations for the two available positions on the Executive Board.  A chair of the Executive Board also will need to be elected during the meeting held at STC.


XII.           Future Meeting Schedule:   (9 a.m. teleconferences unless otherwise noted)

Executive Board:  May 16, 2007, 9 a.m. teleconference
Executive Board:  June 13, 2007, 3:30 – 4:15 p.m. SUNY Technology Conference
Advisory Committee: June 14, 2007, 1:15 – 2:00 p.m. SUNY Technology Conference

Submitted by Barbara Boquard



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