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January 10, 2007
ITEC Executive Board
9 a.m. Teleconference


I.                   Attendance:  Jeff Bartkovich, Judi Basinski, Ron Brown, Sue Chichester, Mary Ann Corsetti, Dave DeMarco, Todd Foreman, Karen Klose, Patrick Murphy, Mike Notarius, John Petkash, Mike Pisa, Dave Powalyk, and Charlie Young

II.                Approval of October 11, 2006, and November 30, 2006 minutes of meeting.  All in favor; no abstentions.

III.             Director’s Report:  Ron Brown

Staffing:   ITEC has filled one UNIX position and a new DBA will begin in mid-February.  There are two UNIX and two DBA lines that remain open.  ITEC is having difficulty recruiting candidates and is going to utilize a service to increase the applicant pool.

Power/Air Conditioning Upgrade:  The specs have been developed and are under review; final specs will be submitted by late January or early February.

Space:  Voldemar Innus, Buffalo State’s CIO, obtained a large campus conference room for ITEC.   It will be remodeled into office space with new lighting, carpeting, ceiling, etc.      

Virtualization of x86:  Ron anticipates it’s completion in early February.  Software was found to migrate servers nicely especially with SAN disk storage. 

Spring Wizard:   Wizard will be held March 14-16 at the DoubleTree (formerly Wyndham) in Syracuse. The planning committee holds conference calls every Wednesday at 1 p.m. – anyone is welcome to participate.  There will be a major focus on CMS at Wizard.  The CIO’s will be using the Thursday afternoon and Friday morning for their meetings. 

DR Between Data Centers:  A document was developed that contains the disaster recovery/business continuity expectations and articulates two components: data loss and loss of service.   ITEC and System Administration are working on redundancy.  Both data centers have small groups investigating storage options. 

Budget:  Ron is not where he’d like to be with the budget.  He will be working with John Petkash and the sub-committee that was established at the November 30 meeting.  The current membership fee in the budget is based on the recommendations of Dave DeMarco’s review committee where all campuses moved to full membership, the base fee was decreased from $20,000 to $10,000 with an increase in the FTE portion of the formula.  Ron provided Mary Ann with an estimate for the budget office.  The base fee is listed as $15,000 with $4 per FTE; all campuses at full membership; capital fee; remote hosting at $18,000 per OS and DBA.  Oracle fee was increased due to last year’s purchase of Secure Enterprise, SOW, and ID Management but it is still less than the fee two years ago.  The Hyperion fee allows for an increase in maintenance per the contract.  University-wide software are “pass throughs.”

Angel:  Karen Klose asked if ITEC has a test environment or production environment for the Angel pilot.    Ron responded that ITEC has a SAN box for SLN training and development is done on this.    While this is being called a pilot, campuses are using a production environment for courses.   Campuses need a development site and to look at data warehouse for Angel but this needs to be defined by the program.

U-wide Programs:  A meeting is schedule for January 12 to coordinate University-wide programs to look at how the various programs operate and funding methods.

Disaster Recovery Service:  Dave Powalyk had a follow up question from the November 30 meeting regarding testing campuses’ local Banner to ITEC.  ITEC is working with Fredonia and should have this completed by early February.

IV.       System Administration Update:  Dave DeMarco

U-wide Programs:  As Ron mentioned, a meeting is scheduled for January 12 with   ITEC, SICAS, Training Center, SLN, SUNYConnect, and Administrative Systems to look for an opportunity for coordination and planning across U-wide programs.   Each program will provide a brief overview that describes the services, cost, and pricing.   Each program is to come prepared to discuss significant issues that affect these programs to see if there are common issues among the programs.  The goal is to better coordinate services for campuses.  

Executive Budget: The Executive Budget should be available in January.


V.                Contracts:  Mary Ann Corsetti

Angel:  The contract was approved December 22.  Mary Ann will be sending out a summary of pricing and terms and conditions.   

Blackboard:  Mary Ann emailed campuses requesting comments on Blackboard’s contract proposal.  Comments to date indicate that the proposal is not exciting; some campuses are moving to Angel while some are not due to faculty’s adoption of Blackboard.  Mary Ann will share comments (anonymously) with Blackboard to provide them an opportunity to address the concerns.

SPSS/Adobe:  Contracts are up for renewal.

Training Contracts:  The Training Center will renew three of the six training contracts:  MicroKnowledge, New Horizons, and New York Interactive Media (NYIM).

VI.             Training Center Update:  Patrick Murphy

CIT:  Vendor registration opens this week.

MID Summit:  To be held in early March.

Faculty Development Initiative:  To be held in the fall of 2007.

Department Chair Institute:  trains the department chairs

TC Move: Schedule should be finalized over the next few days.

VII.          OLIS Update:  Carey Hatch unavailable


VIII.       SLN:  Carey Hatch unavailable


IX.             SICAS Center Update:  Charlie Young

New Member:  The University Centers for Academic and Workforce Development (EOC) has joined the SICAS Center.  They will be implementing Banner student; no financials are needed as they offer non-credit bearing courses.  They will be implementing ODS and Luminous.  Their Oracle license comes through System Administration.  They have not yet contacted Ron. 

Staffing:  Will Weir has been hired as Development Manager and Bev Baker is back from a leave of absence.

SunGard:  Steve Koporec is no longer with SunGard.  Peter Masterson’s responsibilities have changed; he now represents all of New York State as the strategic account unit no longer exists.   

X.        Old Business


XI.       New Business

Encrypting Documents:   Mike Pisa questioned the new policy on protecting and encrypting Word and Excel documents that are emailed between campuses and System Administration.  Dave Powalyk noted that this is an internal policy created to secure documents that contain personally identifiable information.  It is not a University-wide policy but it should be seriously considered.  Mike Pisa suggested notifying the campus technical staff so they can prepare the non-technical staff that is affected by this policy.

Executive Order 3:  Dave DeMarco asked the SUNY Counselor for guidance with Executive Order 3 that requires the webcast of public meetings.  He asked that a statement be prepared that informs SUNY of the extent to which meetings fall under this Order.  Dave Powalyk reported that SUNYNet is investigating ways in which to assist campuses in meeting this requirement.


XII.          Future Meeting Schedule (9 a.m. conference call unless otherwise noted)

February 21, 2007
April 4, 2007
May 16, 2007
June 2007 (face-to-face at STC)


Submitted by Barbara Boquard



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