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ITEC Executive Board
June 13, 2007
SUNY Technology Conference 

Attendance:  Jeff Bartkovich, Judi Basinski, Ron Brown, Sue Chichester, Mary Ann Corsetti, Dave DeMarco, Todd Foreman, Carey Hatch (teleconference), Doug Kahn, Karen Klose, Pat Murphy, John Petkash, Mike Pisa, Dave Powalyk, Gary Sproul (teleconference), and Charlie Young 

I.                   Approval of Minutes of Meeting

Motion to approve May 16, 2007, minutes of meeting by Todd Foreman, seconded by Jeff Bartkovich.  All in favor, no abstentions.


II.        Directorís Report:  Ron Brown

Ron asked the Board if they had any specific issues that they would like him to address.

Staffing:  ITEC is having difficulty filling the Lead Programmer/Analyst (DBA) and University DBA positions.  


III.             Old Business

Executive Board Election Results:  Mike Pisa welcomed Doug Kahn to the Executive Board.  Sue Chichester was thanked for her many years of service to the Board.  Sueís service to the Board dates back to 1998 and is much appreciated. 

Election of Executive Board Chair:  Todd Foreman nominated Mike Pisa as chair.  There was discussion if Mike was eligible to serve another term as chair.  Barb read the Section 6.2 from the By-laws that state ďThe chair of the Executive Board may not be elected for more than two consecutive terms but may serve for more than two terms.Ē  Barb indicated that prior to the meeting she had checked her records and Karen Klose was elected in 2005 and Mike Pisa in 2006; therefore, Mike was eligible to serve another term as chair.   No other nominations were submitted for chair.  Mike Pisa accepted the chairmanship but noted he would need the Boardís help as Ron is planning on retiring.  All in favor, no abstentions.

Budget Subcommittee:  John Petkash

When the Executive Board met in the fall to review ITECís budget, there was discussion regarding stabilizing the fees for remote and hosting services.   At that time, it was suggested that a recharge subcommittee that includes Business Officers investigate alternative pricing models.  The committee recommended investigating funding for capital expense and stabilizing the remote services fee.  The committee also suggested investigating the possibility of offering different levels of service agreements.  John noted that the capital resolution stated that the Board also should look for other avenues of subsidies.  Gary indicated he will follow up with CCBOA with regards to their support of the resolution.

Jeff Bartkovich proposed a budget/audit subcommittee as an official part of the Budget Subcommittee to review ITECís finances prior to the Board approving the budget.  John Petkash stated that the definition of cost effectiveness is questionable in terms of the recharge model.  Ron noted that there are really two questions:  (1) Is ITEC cost effective? and (2) Is the recharge model appropriate?

Dave DeMarco questioned if Jeff was asking for a subset of people to get to know the budget better.  Mike Pisa indicated that the Board has been offered an opportunity to become more familiar with the budget and should do so.  He also indicated that in the past itís been difficult getting Business Officers to participate in meetings.  Dave DeMarco has concerns involving those that only marginally are familiar with ITECís services and that maybe the voting Board needs to be more responsible for understanding the budget.   Ron noted that the remote services fee is the only fee that has actually increased and he has stated that he guessed wrong on what the cost of offering this service actually was.

Todd Foreman indicated that the problem is in the process and that too often at Board meetings, there are many heavy topics addressed in a short period of time.  It was suggested in the future the Board schedule a session in Syracuse thatís devoted entirely to the budget in order to stay focused.  Sue indicated that the Board had done this a few years ago.  Mike Pisa suggested the Business Officers get more involved and Todd indicated that he thought Leif Hartmark is very prepared to become more involved.  Doug Kahn indicated that the Business Officers may not have a complete understanding of what ITECís services mean to campuses. Perhaps the voting members and Advisory Committee need to present a business case to the Business Officers in order to demonstrate return on investment and the value of ITEC and to bridge the gap between the technical staff and the Business Officers.  Dave Powalyk thought Leif Hartmark would be valuable to help craft a presentation to the Business Officers that presents ITECís services and the money needed to provide those services.

Jeff suggested that Leif, Gary, John, and himself conduct research in terms of the budget between now and December and bring forward the information to the Board.    Jeff suggested they start with his memo outlining four areas.  Ron questioned the Board as to what type of things they want and what do they need to be very comfortable with the budget.   He will break the budget down however the Board requires.

Motion:   John Petkash, Jeff Bartkovich, Gary Sproul, and Leif Hartmark to form a working budget/audit committee to explore:  the recharge model for remote and hosting services; the budgetís historical trends; and capital and operating subsidies.

Review of ITEC documents:  No action taken, place on next meeting agenda.

CIO Position:  ITEC staff was asked to leave during discussion of personnel.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard





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