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ITEC Executive Board
May 16, 2007
9 a.m. Teleconference

Attendance:  Jeff Bartkovich, Judi Basinski, Ron Brown, Sue Chichester, Mary Ann Corsetti, Todd Foreman, Leif Hartmark, Carey Hatch, Karen Klose, Pat Murphy, John Petkash, Dave Powalyk, and Charlie Young

I.                   Approval of Minutes of Meeting: 

Motion to approved March 14, 2007 and April 4, 2007, minutes of meeting.  All in favor, no opposition, no abstentions. 

II.        Director’s Report:  Ron Brown

Capital Resolution:  SUBOA did not endorse the capital resolution.  Gary Sproul will bring the resolution to CCBOA.  A decision needs to be made as to whether the Board wants to bring this issue forward to System Administration.  This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.

Budget:  Ron would like guidance from the Board as to what they would like to see with respect to the Budget for the next meeting.  He wants the Board to be comfortable with fees and services.  Ron has one comparative analysis from a vendor.  Please contact Ron directly with questions and concerns.

Staffing:  ITEC has recently filled two UNIX positions and one DBA position.   A Lead Programmer/Analyst (DBA) position and a University DBA position are still available.  ITEC is having difficulty recruiting for these positions.  The Lead Programmer/Analyst (DBA) has been offered to two people but was rejected due to the salary.  Advertisements have been placed in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse newspapers along with on-line services such as Career Builders and/or Monster.com. A long-term strategy needs to be in place for hiring.  This will be an agenda item at the next meeting.

Power/AC:  The upgrades are moving along.   

Space:  Staff space is in process of being refurbished.

TC:  There were networking issues at the new location.  Dave Powalyk noted that SUNYNet is available to troubleshoot networking problems at campuses.

Security: Another campus leakage was reported.  ITEC is looking for good tools and hopes to present at Wizard.   


III.             System Administration Update:  Dave DeMarco

Dual Data Center:  Dave Powalyk reported that the storage team consisting of staff from ITEC and System Administration met with HP, IBM, and Dell.  Each of the vendors put together proposals to cover back up and DR as well as hosted campuses.  The team made the initial recommendation to continue discussions with HP.  HP will be providing more detailed information on implementation and architecture within the next few days which will provide the team with a better sense of whether or not HP is the solution.   All three vendors are costly but both Centers are in dire need of storage.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery:  Leitrim looked at both of the data centers along with Carlos Marquis of Mainline to gather information on equipment currently located at both data centers and to determine what else is needed.  The next step is to review the list of items under consideration for short-term and long-term planning purposes.


IV.             Contracts Update:  Mary Ann Corsetti

Procurement Thresholds:  Dave DeMarco has been successful in negotiating higher procurement thresholds with OSC for state operated campuses as of April 20, 2007.   It should be noted, however, that each of the individual campus business officers may put stricter policies in place on their campus.   The new thresholds are as follows:  below $50,000 no bid is required; $50,000-$125,000 requires three formal quotes; and over $125,000 requires a formal sealed bid.  Approval from the comptroller is required at $250,000 although some contracts require approval at $125,000.  Construction and consultant procurement processes have also been added to the SUNY Policies and Procedures.

AppWorx:  A renewed effort is underway to obtain better individual pricing.  ITEC will need to agree to be the first level of support.  

Omni Update:  Dave Powalyk and Mary Ann Corsetti are working on volume and special pricing.  They are close to concluding negotiations.  The value of the contract may be over the OSC threshold. If this is the case, it may take up to three months to process the contract.  They suggest campuses currently negotiating with Omni Update ask for the same terms and conditions as SUNY has negotiated and that any order placed before the SUNY contract is available state that the campus’ volume and payment count toward the volume and payment due under the SUNY contract when it becomes available.

SPSS:  SPSS is trying to impose a minimum quantity of 10 per order.  UBMicro is willing to batch in minimum quantities but will add their own overhead.

Apple iTunes University:  SUNY’s Counsel has come up with contract language to sign on a University-wide basis; each campus acknowledges terms and conditions when working with Apple.

Critical Incident Management:  The Chancellor’s Task Force on Critical Incident Management asked for a formal recommendation for funding SUNY-wide of a notification service although a specific vendor was not named.     

Vendor Contributions for Conferences:  Dave DeMarco reported that this issue is under discussion as a result of the college lending institutions problem.  There may be a SUNY policy issued indicating that vendors not be able to contribute toward the expenses of SUNY conferences.  There have been discussions that certain contributions can be made with tight restrictions.  We have not yet seen the actual language of the policy.

RFP:  Dave DeMarco reported that an RFP has been issued for a comprehensive review of the University from academics to student affairs.  There are 8-10 areas emphasized.  SLN and the Library Systems have been referenced.   The commission came out of the Executive Budget to better improve higher education.  


V.                SLN Update:  Carey Hatch

Angel:  The three original pilot campuses are up and running and looking to add more   online classes for the Fall semester. In addition, 18-19 more campuses will be offering 6-8 classes in the next phase.  These campuses will be hosted by ITEC.   The SICAS Center is in the process of developing the beta XEI integration views that will be tested next month.

Angel Pricing Model:  Campuses pay hosting costs directly to ITEC.  At this point, it is unclear what the true cost will be but the initial cost is $3.50 per FTE (minimum of $5,000) for production. Storage costs will need to be addressed.  SLN funds will be used to buffer ITEC for three years until hosting revenue is realized.

Budget:  The budget target was met and Carey will be requesting permission to hire additional staff. 


VI.             OLIS Update:  Carey Hatch

Aleph 500:  The goal is to have a lengthy planning process for the next migration and then sit at this level for sometime.

Managed Services:  Carey is investigating changing the support model to provide for managed services.  Those campuses not interested in managed services may be priced differently for individual management support.

Library Director’s Meeting:  A decision was made to move away from SFX to Serials Solutions.  This is more costly but is a more sustainable product and the company provides better support.  

Staffing:  Carey is looking at creating two new positions.  One position is for application support for instructional design that will allow faculty to focus on the discipline rather than design.  The other position is for administrative support.


VII.          Training Center Update:  Pat Murphy

New Location:   The move to the new location is 90% complete.  As Ron mentioned, there were some local networking issues.  

Programming:  The Training center is ramping up for more academic and technical programming.

Wizard:  The planning process for the Fall Wizard will begin in June.

CIT:  CIT is in good shape.  The proposed new policy on vendor-sponsored conferences may impact CIT.


VIII.       SICAS Center Update:  Charlie Young

Staffing:  The SICAS Center recently hired three experienced DBAs:  Pete Andrusyszyn   Kurt Keller, and Terry Tozer.  These new staff members will be housed remotely at other SUNY facilities.

Budget: The budget will be presented to the Executive Committee and funds up to 9 programmers.

Strategic Direction:   As previously reported, the SICAS Center is undertaking two initiatives to identify and make recommendations on future strategic direction to the Executive Committee.  The first initiative involves an environmental scan to see what additional services the SICAS Center should consider offering that would be beneficial to member campuses.  The second initiative is to revisit the user group organizational structure.  Maggie Moehringer will be the project lead for both of these fact finding projects.  Maggie has been visiting a number of campuses and is in the process of compiling a report and recommendation that will address how work is prioritized and what services should be provided.  Maggie visited a variety of campuses – small, large, state operated, community colleges.  In addition she is in the process of developing a survey.


IX.             Old Business

Elections Committee Update:  Three candidates have been nominated for two available positions on the Executive Board.  Nominees are:  Jeff Bartkovich (incumbent), Doug Kahn, and Scott May.  Voting ballots have been emailed to the Advisory Committee.

Recharge Subcommittee:  John Petkash
As mentioned, SUBOA did not endorse the Capital resolution.   Please provide John with any other suggestions.  The Subcommittee will continue to investigate alternative models such as charge backs to DR campuses or SLN.  The subcommittee is also investigating the FTE model and if it really projects the ability to pay philosophy or if there are discrepancies. In addition, they will investigate different service level agreements.  John questioned if the Board wants to continue with the Recharge Subcommittee or establish a Budget and Audit Committee.  This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.


X.                New Business

Fredonia Partnering with ITEC on BC Planning / Strohl:  Karen Klose
Karen forwarded the Stroll demo to key people at Fredonia after the Virginia Tech incident.  Stroll is a software package that provides assistance in building and maintaining a business continuity plan in the event of a disaster.   It is a “living plan” that’s on-line but is not IT-oriented.  Dave Powalyk noted that University Police are investigating Stroll as there will be a push to improve all campus emergency plans over the next six months.  After hearing Dave DeMarco’s report, Karen suggested waiting for the Chancellor’s Task Force’s recommendations.   This topic to be placed on the next meeting agenda.

Review of ITEC Documents:  Ron would like the Board to provide direction as to what they would like to see in terms of revising the Services document

( http://www.itec.suny.edu/info/support_services_rev_nov06.htm ).

SUNY Alliance:  The goal of the Alliance is to determine what University-wide programs need to do to better integrate solutions and provide better services.   Projects include refining the draft document on authentication and authorization.


Submitted by Barbara Boquard








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