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ITEC Executive Board
October 24, 2007
9 a.m. Teleconference

Attendance:  Jeff Bartkovich, Judi Basinski, Ron Brown, Mary Ann Corsetti, Dave DeMarco, Don Erwin, Todd Foreman, Carey Hatch, Leif Hartmark, Karen Klose, Pat Murphy, Mike Notarius, John Petkash, Mike Pisa, Charlie Young,

          Minutes of Meeting:  Motion to approve September 12, 2007, minutes of meeting by Jeff Bartkovich.  All approved. 

II.        Director’s Report:  Ron Brown

Ron asked the Board if they had any questions of him.

Staffing:  Nothing has changed with the staffing at ITEC.  ITEC is finding it difficult to fill a vacant position.  Ron will have staffing proposals for the Board at the November 5 meeting in Syracuse.  He noted that staff is struggling with the work load. 

Angel:   Jeff Bartkovich asked for a summary of the high level meeting that Carey and Ron had with Angel.  Ron noted that the meeting was beneficial in terms of trying to understand the best way to work with Angel in order to provide service to member campuses.  It was determined that ITEC will match Angel’s hosting service architecture as closely as possible as the multi-campus, multi-domain model is not scaleable at this time.  Angel runs their SQL database for hosting on two database servers.   It was agreed that ITEC will not buy EMC storeage and that Angel said our storage was more than sufficient.  Angel will review ITEC’s architecture.

The App Servers are being reconfigured.  Angel runs four instances of IIS on one box with two CPUs and 4 gig of RAM.

The timeout issue had to do with a health check configuration in the Content Switch Model (CSM).  One configuration change has been made to ease the requirements of the current health check configuration (end to end).  ITEC will be changing the configuration to look at the health within ITEC only rather than from ITEC to the person’s web browser (end to end).  This will be done in the near future.

The PAT’d IP addresses are not allowing traffic from those campuses to be load balanced because of the way SSL is currently terminated in our application server.  ITEC is working with Angel Learning Environment and CISCO to resolve.  In the meantime, SUNYNet is working with some of the campuses that are PAT’d to get more IP’s so Angel can be load balanced across multiple application servers for those campuses.

III.       Contracts Update:  Mary Ann Corsetti

OmniUpdate:  The contract was approved.  An announcement outlining the ordering process will be sent shortly.

Evisions:  Mary Ann and Charlie Young are in discussions with Evisions regarding a discount program.

BlackBoard:  Carey Hatch and Mary Ann to re-open talks with BlackBoard as there is new staff at BlackBoard.

Appworx:  Mary Ann continues contract discussions with Appworx.


IV.             Center for Professional Development Update:  Pat Murphy

Wizard:  At this point, there are 201 registrants for Wizard

Angel User Conference:  Pat to co-chair the user conference that will take place in winter or early Spring.

Staffing:  Pat now reports to Harold Silverman.  The CPD is looking to hire Melanie Guzman’s replacement. 

TLT: The TLT conference is scheduled for November 15-16.

V.                OLIS Update:  Carey Hatch

Aleph:  OLIS is looking to roll out version 18 next Spring.

Discovery Tools:  A committee has been formed to look at new discovery tools.

Open Source:  A call is scheduled with a group who worked with Michigan on an open source solution.

VI.             SLN Update:  Carey Hatch

Angel:  As mentioned in Ron’s update, ITEC will shift to Angel’s hosting service architecture.

Suffolk:  Suffolk is in the process of looking at BlackBoard, Angel, or another product.

Jefferson: Jefferson is migrating to Angel and will use Angel hosting services.

VII.          SICAS Center Update:  Charlie Young

Budget:  The SICAS budget for FY 07-08 is almost ready and should be voted on in January.  The preliminary feeling is the worst case scenario is the cost will remain the same although it may decrease for the fourth year in a row.  Money may be put away for potential software purchase or rehab.

Staffing:  Two new staff members will be starting soon and another is due to begin in January.  These individuals were hired over the summer but had later start dates for various reasons.

VIII.       Old Business

CIO Search:  (Mike Notarius left meeting.)

The search committee will meet following today’s Executive Board meeting.   A separate dial-in number will be provided.  Open issues include the salary range and the advertisement of the position. Mike Pisa indicated that the search committee consists of the voting members of ITEC.

Karen noted that in the September 12, 2007, minutes of meeting it was indicated that a discussion as to whether this was a national search or not took place; however, there was no final decision.  Todd questioned where the position will be advertised; thus, influencing the type of search it becomes.  Previously, it had been discussed that it would be advertised at Educause and Monster.com. Buffalo State also posts to their website.  Todd noted that once a position is posted on the internet it may be considered to be a national search regardless.  Advertising suggestions should be sent to Carey.

Mike Pisa motioned: “Is there disagreement that this is a national search.”

There was no disagreement/objection among Board members that this is a national search for the ITEC CIO.

Carey questioned who was responsible to address the interim CIO position.  Mike Pisa noted that the Bylaws indicated that the Executive Board makes its recommendation to the Vice President at Buffalo State (Voldemar Innus).  However, there is nothing that speaks to participation of System Administration.  This needs to be addressed and will be discussed further at the November 5 meeting.

Don Erwin, liaison to Voldemar Innus, will set up a conference call with Mike Pisa, Karen Klose, Doug Kahn, and Dave DeMarco to discuss interim CIO and the search procedure with Voldemar.  Voldemar will determine whether Don participates in the call.

Budget Sub-Committee: 

Jeff Bartkovich to have a draft of his report to the Board next week.

John Petkash indicated that he is awaiting requested information from Ron regarding the capital plan and the strategy used to determine the remote services cost.   Jeff and John are scheduled to present to CCBOA next Tuesday.  Their intention is to discuss the capital expense and strategies for member fees.  In addition, they plan to look at the strategies other University-wide programs, such as SLN and SICAS, use for charge backs.

Todd indicated that it seemed broad and asked if there is a specific question for CCBOA.  John indicated that the Board had requested they look to the business officers to help with analysis.  Also, since Gary Sproul, CCBOA’s liaison to ITEC, is retiring, the “torch” will need to be passed.  John and Leif to discuss follow-up with SUBOA.

Ron suggested that John should talk to Dave DeMarco regarding some of his requested items.  For example, the five-year capital funds request was provided and approved by the Board.   Ron indicated that in response to John’s question on staff, the UUP agreement cannot calculate a work week and the Board of Trustees policies are followed with regards to promotions.

Ron reported that when ITEC initially provided remote services, it was an 8 campuses to 1 staff member ratio.  But due to the changes in the complexness of technology and campus expectation, the ratio changed to a 4 campuses to 1 staff ratio.

With regards to the Physical Plant (called Campus Services at Buffalo State), Ron does not work directly with the vendors.  Staff from Buffalo State’s Physical Plant is responsible for this.  He noted that one quarter of the RFP for the power upgrade contained technical information; while the remainder addressed excavation, landscape return, etc. 

Ron suggested that Dave Demarco be brought into the preparation for the CCBOA presentation.

IX.             New Business

Gartner:  John requested that ITEC maintain the Gartner subscription and summarize at Wizard, etc. Mary Ann indicated that the subscription allows access to a number of databases that may be used to research certain topics.  There also was a question of a campus asking ITEC to research a certain topic but it was thought that this would be in violation of the licensing agreement.  ITEC dropped their subscription as well.

Meeting at Wizard:  Ron needs two hours for budget, one hour for staffing, interim CIO recommendation, and update on search.  Provisions will be made to call in for those not in attendance.  The search committee needs an hour.  It was determined that the Executive Board meeting will be held from 12:30 – 4:00 and the search committee will meet at 4 p.m. and continue for as long as needed.


X.                Future Meeting Schedule
November 5 12:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. at Wizard, Syracuse
December 5, 2007
January 16, 2008
February 27, 2008
April 9, 2008
May 21, 2008
June 2008: TBD at STC

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