Vol. 7., No. 3
April 22, 1999

Table of Contents
1. Phase Out of Purveyor Product fromProcess Corp.
2. CBTWeb News -- 4/16/99
3. CBTWeb 4.1 Installation Update
4. Hotel Telephone Costs
5. ITEC Support and Services Survey

1. Phase Out of Purveyor Product fromProcess Corp.

Process Corp notified ITEC that there will no longer be future developmentor
maintenance available (bug fix releases) for Purveyor.  Therefore,they've
indicated that the current version may be used on an "as is"basis.  As
previously announced in the March 19th newsletter, we will be providingsupport
for Linux and Appache starting this summer.

Submitted by Ron Brown,

2.     CBTWeb News -- 4/16/99

New CBTWeb courses available on ITEC CBTWeb Servers and as ZIP files:

Data Communications: Signals and Systems
Data Communications: Networks and Standards
Fundamentals of Internetworking
Internetworking: Bridging Protocols
Internetworking: Devices
Internetworking: Essentials
Protocols Layers and the OSI Model
Introduction to Common Network Protocols

Enterprise Operating System Principles
Enterprise Operating System Technologies
IEEE: Introduction and the 802.2 LLC
IEEE: 802.4 Token Bus and High Speed LANs
IEEE: 802.3 CSMA/CD and 802.5 Token Ring
LAN Media and Components
LAN Topologies and Techniques
Network Operations and Protocols: IEEE and the 802.2 LLC
Network Operations and Protocols: IEEE Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
  and Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless LAN Technologies
Network Operations and Protocols: IEEE 802.5 Token Ring

Managing LANs
Management and Security (Windows)
Troubleshooting LANs
TIBCO: Tib/Rendezvows 4.0 Concepts & Technologies

SNA Networking
SNA TCP/IP Integration
TCP/IP Applications
TCP/IP Architecture and Routing
TCP/IP for UNIX Users (Windows)
TCP/IP Management: SNMP
TCP/IP Protocols
X.400 Protocols
X.500 Protocols
OSI Model: Fundamentals
AppleTalk Protocols
OSI Model: Upper Layers
OSI Model: Lower Layers

Telecommunications Essentials
Personal Communications Services
Signaling System 7 (SS7)
Telecommunications Techniques
ISDN-D Channel Protocols
Introducing ISDN
ISDN Protocols
Voice Over IP
Computer Telphony Integration I
Packetized Voice Networking

Submitted by Kathy Pohl,

3.  CBTWeb 4.1 Installation Update

If you have recently downloaded the CBTWeb 4.1 files CBTWEB411.exe and
CBTWEB412.exe and have yet to install them, don't! These two files havebeen
combined into one (CBTWEB4ONE.exe) and the installation/upgrade has been

Just download CBTWEB4one.exe and CBT41install.doc and go from there!

Submitted by Kathy Pohl,

4. Hotel Telephone Costs

Leslie Mayville thought this information may be helpful:
Many hotels have changed their billing process for telephone calls. Inresponse
to the enormous pressure for out-going lines, a good number of hotels have
started to add a per minute surcharge for all calls over 30 minutes. Even an
800 number call or local call starts to incur a 10 cents a minute chargeafter
30 minutes in some hotels. If you don't check the rate card and are doingsome
serious email or on-line work, the checkout bill could be a shock. You can
download a timer that keeps track of the on-line time and alerts you at the
28 minute mark. You can log off and log back on to avoid the surcharge. There
are several dozen of these timers available at do a
file search using the keyword "timer." Traveler beware!

Submitted by Leslie J. Mayville, Interim Director, SUNY Training Center

5. ITEC Support and Services Survey

Please help the ITEC Executive Board in mapping the future of ITEC by
completing the 1999 ITEC Support and Services Survey available at: It canalso be reached from our home page at  Your responseswill beanalyzed and reviewed by the ITEC
Executive Board.  Multiple responses, or a collaboration of effort foreach
member campus, is encouraged.  Please complete the survey by April 30,1999.
Thanks to Dan Sidebottom, Associate Director of Computing Services at SUNY
Cobleskill, for his assistance with this survey!

Submitted by Barbara Boquard,

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