Vol. 7., No. 1
February 22, 1999

Table of Contents
1. CBTWeb Update
2. Timbuktu Pro 32 Update
3. New Compaq/Digital LicensePaks

1.     CBTWeb Update

The following new CBTWeb courses are now available at our ITEC site for FTP

LOTUS NOTES Release 4 - End-User
LOTUS NOTES Release 4 - System Administration
Microsoft EXCHANGE 4.0
Microsoft EXCHANGE 5.0
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0
Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 - Advanced Programming
Microsoft Windows NT 5.0
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Oracle8 - New Features
Oracle Introduction
Supporting Microsoft Proxy Server 1.0
Supporting Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0

In order for these new courses to run properly on your server, CBTWebsoftware
MUST be  upgraded from version 4.01 to version 4.1.

To view the ITEC CBTWeb installation/upgrade notes, point your browser to Under the heading ofITECServices, select SCSYS. On the
(SCSYS) System Manager Information page, select Web Getsoftware and enteryou
username and password. On the (SCSYS) Web Getsoftware page, click on CBT
Install 2/9/99.

Submitted by Kathy Pohl, Systems and Communications

2. Timbuktu Pro 32 Update

As of 2/17/99, ITEC has the latest Timbuktu Pro 32 for Windows95/98/NTupgrade
available at the ITEC FTP area.

What's new in build650?

== Long File name Support in Send and Exchange
== Improved Attended Access Mode - Ask for Permission
Attended Access mode has been improved to eliminate the
need for the host user to select "Admit Temporary Guest"
from the Connections menu.
== NT-Authenticated Ask for Permission
== Enhanced User Interface
Multiple Address Books
== Enhanced Control and Observe Services
A Timbuktu Pro 32 guest can open multiple control and
observe sessions to separate Timbuktu Pro hosts at the
same time
== 3 New Services - Chat, Notify and Intercom
== Windows NT Security Integration
== Enhanced Windows NT Event Logging

To upgrade to the new Timbuktu Pro 32, go the ITEC web page at
WWW.ITEC.SUNY.EDU. Click on SCSYS. Onthe (SCSYS)System Manager Information
page, select WEB GETSOFTWARE. Enter your username and password. On the(SCSYS)
Web Getsoftware page, select ITEC FTP AREA. Here, select TIMBUKTUPRODUCTS. 
Select PC. Select TB2PRO32_BUILD650. Here you will find the new Timbuktu
Pro 32 files. Make sure you read the readme.txt and the aaindex.txt.

Have Fun!

Submitted by Kathy Pohl, Systems and Communications

3. New Compaq/Digital LicensePaks

We have the latest VAX-ALPHA-UNIX license paks in Web Getsoftware.

The expiration of the license paks, April 30, 2000. Install the licensepaks
and move your time ahead to test your favorite applications.

Are you Y2K ready?

Joe Weber, Systems and Communications

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