Vol. 7, No. 6
July 1, 1999

Table of Contents
1.   Oracle and WindowsNTService Packs
2.   Searching forProductsin Web Getsoftware

1. Oracle and WindowsNT ServicePacks

ITEC has received the response from Oracle's support liaison regarding NTService Packs.Please see Oracle's response below. Basically, they will support SP4 and SP5but theymight not have been tested, so if any bugs are discovered Oracle will develop apatch or aworkaround.

"...there is no official statement on the NT Service Packs. All of the NTServicePacks are supported, but not necessarily tested. This is the case withSP5." I don'tknow of any plans to certify SP5, but will investigate and let you know what Ifindout."

Submitted by Joe Lofft,

2. Searching for Products in WebGetsoftware

Select: SCSYS
Select: Getsoftware Product listing

We have two area's, "FTP AREA" & "Getsoftware AREA"where productsare located. The Product listing page will allow you to build a form with alltheproducts. When you hit submit a form is built that can be searched with thebrowser's<CTRL>F command.

Also included on the form are the direct links to the FTP Area and theGetsoftware Area.

We hope this helps.

Submitted by Joe Weber -


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