Vol. 7., No. 5
June 4, 1999
Table of Contents
1. E-Mail System Attack
2. Custom CBT CD Creation andInstallation

1. E-Mail System Attack

Two Items:
1.) Deleting Unwanted E-mail from User Directories.
2.) Spamming/Relaying Through Your System.

Deleting Unwanted E-mail:
We have a procedure for deleting unwanted email messages: The procedurewill
delete one directory at a time. OR replace the infileline with a read froma
text file, loop reading and performing the "mail delete/all". Note:After the
delete a READ/NEW will have to be performed to reset the user's E-mailcounter.

It works!!!
======================= Cut here ================================
$! Delete mail with subject
$ say :== write sys$output ""
$ set noon
$!! Step #1
$!! open a file with all the user directories
$!! from a ==>> dir/col=1 disk$faculty:[*...]mail.mai/out=outfile.txt
$!! edit the file for just the disk$faculty:[user.mail]
$!! put a END on the end
$!! Step #2
$! open infile filename
$! read infile infileline
$! if infileline .eqs. "END" then goto theexit
$!! Step #3
$!! change the following to the inline of the directory file
$! mainloop123:
$! read infile infileline
$ infileline :== "DISK$ITECSC:[WEBERJA.mail]"
$!! Step #4
$!! enter the exact unique email subject
$ sub123 :== "test vax email filling"
$ assign mail_del.log sys$output
$ open/write tempfile1
$ write tempfile1 "$ mail"
$ write tempfile1 " set file ", infileline
$ write tempfile1 " sel newmail
$ write tempfile1 "dir/sub=""",sub123,"""
$ write tempfile1 " delete/all"
$ write tempfile1 " sel mail
$ write tempfile1 "dir/sub=""",sub123,"""
$ write tempfile1 " delete/all"
$ write tempfile1 " exit"
$ write tempfile1 "$!"
$ close tempfile1
$! type
$ del/nolog;*
$ say "*******************************"
$!!! read the next line of the directory file
$! goto mailloop123
$ deassign sys$output
$ type mail_del.log
$ exit
================================ End Cut here ===================

Spamming through your system.
We had a problem after we went to Open VMS Alpha Ver 7.1 with PMDF
and Relay blocking. Relay had to be reset for Relay blocking to work again.
If you do not have relay blocking going with PMDF, please contact Note: RelayBlocking willprevent users outside
of your network from sending 100,000+ E-mail messages from your system.

Submitted by Joe Weber,

2.Custom CBT CD Creation andInstallation.

ITEC has developed a process for creating customized runtime CDs from theCBT

Each CD needs to have specific common folders and files resident to run the
courseware. These files have been zipped together along with documentation(in
both Word97 and HTML format) for creating and installing the custom CDs andare
available from ITEC Web GetSoftware
( CBTBASE. The license manager
on each campus can request these files.

The documentation for creating custom CDs and the documentation forinstalling
custom CDs is available from the SCACAD web page.

The documentation for creating the CDs describes a custom CD creationmethod
for campuses that have already installed the courseware on a web server aswell
as a method for those campuses that need to retrieve the courseware fromITEC
Web GetSoftware ( identifies
the common files and folders (it is possible to assemble these fromcourseware
already downloaded instead of requesting the CBTBASE zip file) and includes
information on how to determine which WinZip files should be requested forthe
specific courses chosen for the custom runtime CD.

The documentation for installing the CDs includes step-by-step directionsfor
installing and removing the courseware. In the interest of conservingspace,
we recommend that the courseware be installed to run from the CD.

For further information about this process please feel free to contactSCACAD

Submitted by Valerie Anastasi,

Editor: Barbara A. Boquard,

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