Vol. 7., No. 2
March 19, 1999

Table of Contents

1. Dial-in PPP Connections at 56K
2. TCPware and MultiNet CustomerAdvisory
3. Windows NT Service Pack 4 and OracleProducts
4. Oracle's Year 2000 ComplianceStatement
5. Linux and Appache Support
6. Remedy
7. Wizard Seminar

1.  Dial-in PPP Connections at 56K

We just recently ran out of modems for dial-in ppp access.

We have NT server installed on an old Pentium 100mhz system 48meg mem. Weare
using "RAS" and NT domain authentication.

As for the phone lines we had the desktop phones bridged to the computerroom.
The desktop phones will ring 5 times and the Rocket modem will then pickup.

After looking at various solutions we purchased the following:

Six (6) port 56K V90 modem board - single PCI slot


select: ==>> The Internet Computer Superstore

Search for: ROCKET

ROCKET MODEM II 6 (98110-7) PC INT $756.95

Rocket modem manufacture:

The RocketModem II is an integrated, multimodem, PCI-bus expansion card
combining  control's  RocketPort multiport serial controllertechnology with
industry-standard modem modules. The RocketModem II provides either 4 or 6
56Kbps V.90 data and fax modems in one easily installed, easily configured

One of the industry's first 56K V.90 multimodem PCI cards. 56Kbps data
speed/14.4 fax speed (Class 1 and Class 2 for fax support) Both V.90 andK56
flex 56 Kbps technology supported. Available in 4-modem and 6-modem models.
Requires one PCI expansion slot per multimodem card, providing up to 24 modems
for most typical servers. Install multiple cards in a single server usingonly
one or no interrupts. Port monitoring software support allows reporting of
board and modem port status for Microsoft NT environments. On-board speaker
individual modem reset feature enables modems to be individually reset while
server remains in operation.

Submitted by: Joe Weber -

2.  TCPware and MultiNet CustomerAdvisory

TCPware and MultiNet Customer Advisory

Dear Customer,

Compaq has recently made changes to the OpenVMS v7.2 internal datastructures
on Alpha systems. As a result of these changes, it has caused a securityissue
in TCPware and MultiNet running OpenVMS v7.2 on an Alpha system, whichallows
non-privileged users to gain full privileged access to the Alpha system.
Process Software has taken every step to swiftly address this issue and has
made patches available on the Process Software FTP site to correct theproblem.

We strongly urge every TCPware and MultiNet customer running OpenVMS v7.2 onan
Alpha system to download and install this patch as soon as possible. This
problem does not exist on OpenVMS versions earlier than v7.2.

The following patches are available:

Product Patch location

* TCPware 5.2-3:

* TCPware 5.3-2:

* TCPware 5.3-3:

If you have earlier versions of TCPware or MultiNet and would like toupgrade
your systems, our Sales Department can assist you by calling (800) 722-7770or
(508) 879-6994.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have trouble
accessing these patches, please contact SCSYS at ITEC.SUNY.EDU.

Submitted by Dave Massaro,

3.  Windows NT Service Pack 4 and OracleProducts

There has been a lot of inquiries about Windows NT Service Pack 4 andOracle
products. I called Oracle support  to find out the latest information andI was
told that "Oracle will support any problems that arise due to theinstallation
of SP4. I then posted the question to USENET and received the following
Hold off if you can - in particular if you are using OAS as the currently
released versions are not sp4 workable as yet.

It affects sqlnet (sp4 does -you have to reinstall oracle networking after
installing sp4 as sp4 overwrites our dlls)

OAS just doesn't work (until version 4.0.8).

Context doesn't work (overwritten dlls).

OEM is affected.

It can wipe out all Oracle startup services (reinstall).

In short, sp4 is a nightmare for us. Unless you want to spend some amountof
time installing and re-installing, you might stick with sp3.

Thomas Kyte
Oracle Service Industries
Reston, VA USA


I have received help from this Oracle employee (Thomas Kyte) in the past andhe
seems very knowledgeable. For myself, I would hold off installing SP4 until
absolutely necessary or until Oracle releases an official statement on it.

Submitted by Joe Lofft,

4.  Oracle's Year 2000 ComplianceStatement

Oracle recently issued a press release concerning the Year 2000 complianceof
their products (  The press
release stated that Oracle version 7.3.3 and all previous releases were notY2K
compliant. This is not true. A call to Oracle revealed that all versions7.1
and higher are indeed Y2K compliant.

Submitted by Joe Lofft,

5.  Linux and Appache Support

The ITEC Executive Board has approved ITEC providing Linux and Appachesupport
to campuses now getting Compaq (Digital) support.  There will be noincrease in
fees for this type of service.  We are now in the process of making
arrangements for distribution and support for these products.

Submitted by Ron Brown,

6.  Remedy

ITEC is investigating a university-wide license for help desk solutions --
Remedy.   This topic will be discussed at the upcoming Wizardseminar.  Ifyou
cannot make the Wizard seminar and are interested, please drop me ane-mail.

Submitted by Ron Brown,

7.  Wizard Seminar

The Wizard Seminar will be held April 7-8 at the Holiday Inn (formerly Four
Points Hotel at Exit 37) in Syracuse.  Cost is $15 for one day and $25 forboth
days and can be paid upon arrival at the registration desk.  Makechecks
payable to "HSC Foundation--SUNY TC."  Contact the TrainingCenter at to register for theseminar.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard,

Editor: Barbara A. Boquard,

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