Vol. 7., No. 4
May 6, 1999

Table of Contents

1. Pathworks Alive and Well
2. ITEC Support and ServicesSurvey

1. Pathworks Alive and Well

ITEC's, Wayne Reling, has just completed some testing of OpenVMS Alpha Ver7.2
and Pathworks Ver 6.0, (Advanced server). We found that Pathworks Ver 6.0can
now be the PDC, (Primary Domain Controller), or BDC, for your NT domain. Alsoa
new flag was added to OpenVMS Authorize (/flag=extauth).

The account flag set to "ExtAuth" allows the account toauthenticate.  Youthen
set up a hostmap within the Advanced server to map the VMS account to theNT
server account. The VMS password now follows the Server/Domain password.
(Actually with the flag set for extauth in the VMS account you cannot change
the password from UAF>)

For additional information please write

Submitted by Wayne Reling & Joe Weber

2. ITEC Support and ServicesSurvey

It's not to late to complete the ITEC Support and Services Survey
( help ITECmap its future.  We are encouraging
multiple responses, or a collaboration of effort from each member campus.The
survey can be completed up to three times by an individual or campus ifthey
care to comment on scacad, scadm, and/or scsys.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard

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