Vol. 7., No. 10
November 9, 1999

Table of Contents
1. New E-mail Addresses for ITEC
2. Remedy User Download and Information Page


1. New E-mailAddressesfor ITEC

Please make a note of our new e-mailaddresses:

Chima "Dennis" Aharanwa                            
Valerie Anastasi                                           
Paul Bardak                                                  
Barbara Boquard                                          
Ron Brown                                                   
Joe Lofft                                                       
Dave Massaro                                              
Mike Notarius                                              
Kathy Pohl                                                   
Mike Radomski                                            
Wayne Reling                                              
Betty Spencer                                               
Joe Weber                                                    

SCADM (administrative group)                    
SCACAD (academic group)                          
SCSYS (systems and communications group)  

Submitted by Barbara Boquard,


2. RemedyUser Downloadand Information Page

Remedy is here!

ITEC has been testing our new HELPDESK softwarefromRemedy Corp. The server was recently upgraded and we are ready to beginimplementation. Itis our plan to phase out the current email contact system and replace it withthe HELPDESKclient by January 1, 2000.

What are the advantages for me?

Tracking of requests, ability to check on theprogress/status of the request, urgent requests will receive immediateattention on andoff hours, user closes the ticket or the system does, customer satisfactionsurveysavailable for each ticket when it is closed allowing user to commentspecifically on eachticket, if desired.

What do I have to do?

Contact or phone usat716-878-ITEC (4832) so we can set up an account for you. The client software isavailableby clicking on the download link below. You may also connect via the Web. Theproceduresfor both are detailed on our web page by following the SCACAD link to Remedy.Feedback isencouraged!!! Help us serve you better!!

Where can I get more info?

Visit ITEC's website at Follow the SCACAD link to REMEDY. There youwill findthe client tools, user documentation, installation documentation, helpdocuments for theapplications, a java applet for running HELPDESK over the web, a swingall.jarfile for ourLinux customers (who will have to use the Web interface the client software does not run on Linux) and a FAQ document that will beupdated astime goes on.

Submitted by Valerie Anastasi,


Editor: Barbara A. Boquard,

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Operations                        716/878-5122
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