Vol. 7., No. 9
October 21, 1999
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2.    Compaq Open VMS VirtualPresenter Information Briefing


A list was generated after the Linux/Wizard conference inSeptemberfor those interested in Linux issues. To subscribe to the list send thefollowing commandto subscribe<listaccount>

Submitted by Betty Spencer,

2. Compaq OpenVMS Virtual Presenter InformationBriefing

The following was received from Jim Gibbons of Compaq:


Welcome to the OpenVMS TeleForum Information Briefing series! Thesebriefings arededicated to bringing you, our OpenVMS partners, and our Compaq sales and salessupportpersonnel, the latest strategy and product update information from CompaqComputerCorporation’s OpenVMS System Software Group.

These conferences are held regularly. We encourage your continuedparticipation.

A new tool, Virtual Presenter, is used to deliver these live briefings alongwithRealMedia Player (free) with Internet technology. This latest in Internettechnology willallow you the opportunity for Questions and Answers throughout the broadcast.We areplanning on many opportunities throughout the presentation for Questions andAnswers aswell as at the end of the broadcast!

About Our Next 2 Sessions!

Session #1: Monday, 25 October 1999

Session #2: Thursday, 28 October 1999

Times: 9AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and 11AM EDT

Session #1: Richard Marcello, Vice President of the OpenVMS Group Presents"OpenVMS NonStop eBusiness Strategy"

Highlights of the session are: Hear the latest on our eBusiness strategy;Learn howit’s solving customer problems today; Leverage deployment examples

Session #2: Allen Kerr, Galaxy Marketing Manager, and William Hanley, GalaxyProductManagement Manager Present

"Everything You Wanted to Know About OpenVMS Galaxy"

Highlights of the session are: Business environment for OpenVMS Galaxy;Overview of thetechnology; Deployment examples; OpenVMS Galaxy and the next generationAlphaServers

Here's how to participate in both sessions!

The sessions will broadcast from the web site location, Forthose not familiar with Virtual Presenter, this site also provides "how touse"information.

Call-In Number is: 1 (212) 896-6034

For a List of Future Topics and archived sessions visit web location:, after 4 October.

Username: teleconference
Password: teleconference


Submitted by Ron Brown,


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