Vol. 7., No. 8
September 10, 1999
Table of Contents

1. What's New at ITEC's CBTWeb?
2. Process Software Corp.

1. What's New at ITEC's CBTWeb?

CBTWeb 4.11a !

As of September, ITEC CBTWeb servers have been upgraded from CBTWeb version
4.11 to version 4.11a. This latest version of CBTWeb can be obtained at the
ITEC WEB GETSOFTWARE page. Just download CBTWEB411a (application) and
CBT411INSTALL (installation doc). CBTWeb 4.11a is needed for the new CBTWeb
Microsoft Office 2000 courses.

NEW CBTWeb Courses available at ITEC:

As of September 1, 1999, the following NEW CBTWeb courses are available at


Microsoft Office 2000:(DOWNLOAD & LIVEPLAY) ***

- Beginning Word MSOF21E MO2000_2
- Intermediate Word MSOF22E MO2000_3
- Advanced Word MSOF23E MO2000_2
- Beginning PowerPoint MSOF33E MO2000_2
- Advanced PowerPoint MSOF34E MO2000_3

***CBTWeb version 4.11a needs to be installed (CBTWeb411a).

Microsoft FrontPage 98:(DOWNLOAD ONLY)

-Microsoft FrontPage 98 FP9801E FP98_2

Web Authoring and Publishing: (DOWNLOAD ONLY)

-HTML Documents 654201E NOVELL_12
-Web Site Presentation 654202E NOVELL_12
-Building Fill-in Forms 654203E NOVELL_12
-Web Tools 654204E NOVELL_12

Web Authoring and Publishing:(DOWNLOAD & LIVEPLAY)

-HTML Documents 654201E WEB_1
-Web Site Presentation 654202E WEB_1
-Building Fill-in Forms 654203E WEB_1
-Web Tools 654204E WEB_1


(on backorder from CBT Systems and will become available soon)

Microsoft Office 2000:

- Word for Power Users MSOF24E
- Beginning Excel MSOF25E
- Intermediate Excel MSOF26E
- Advanced Excel MSOF27E
- Excel for Power Users MSOF28E
- Beginning Outlook MSOF35E
- Intermediate Outlook MSOF36E
- Advanced Outlook MSOF37E
- Beginning FrontPage MSOF38E
- Advanced FrontPage MSOF39E

Submitted by Kathy Pohl,

2. Process Software Corp.

The following is an excerpt from a letter from Lauren Maschio, Sr. Product
Manager, Process Software Corp.

Process Software consistently researches and explores the marketplace to
determine the current and future needs of our customers.  Based onrecent
feedback from these studies, we need to inform you of a decision concerning
development of our Purveyor WebServer for OpenVMS product.  Due tochanging
customer needs and marketplace dynamics, Process Software has decided tofocus
our OpenVMS development efforts on TCPware and MultiNet, and will ceasefurther
development of our Purveyor WebServer for OpenVMS product.

Process Software will continue to make Purveyor licenses available forsale,
but it will be an "as is" product, with no support or bug fixingservice
available.  Process will honor all existing Purveyor maintenancecontracts
through expiration, but no new contracts or renewals will be sold.

If you have any questions, please call ITEC at 716-878-ITEC (4832)

Submitted by Ron Brown, Director,

Editor: Barbara A. Boquard,

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