Vol. 8., No. 8
August 23, 2000

Table of Contents
1. Name Changes for Oracle Products
2. Reopening Remedy Tickets


1. Name Changes for Oracle Products

Beginning with version 3.0, WebDB will now be known as Oracle Portal. Oracle Application Server will become iAS (Internet Application Server8I).  This is Oracle's new consolidated middle tier offering. It providesall middleware functionality in a single package, including transactionalsupport, dynamic caching capabilities, integrated reporting and querying forbusiness intelligence, and a single console for managing an entire web site. Itincludes Oracle HTTP Listener (Apache), iCache, Java, Forms Services, ReportsServices and Discoverer Viewer.

iDS (Internet Developer Suite) is the new consolidated development toolsoffering from Oracle. IDS includes Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Portal, OracleForms Developer and Designer, alongside Oracle's business intelligence tools,Oracle Discoverer and Oracle Reports, optimized for building applications onOracle8i and Oracle iAS 8i.

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2. Reopening Remedy Tickets

Frequently we are asked how to reopen a Remedy ticket. There are a couple ofways to do this...At the point in time that you are notified by ITEC that theticket has been resolved, you are also asked to confirm the resolution. Youhavefive days to respond to this request before the ticket is automatically closed.While the status remains 'Resolved,' you can reopen the case by choosing'ReopenCase' from the list of values presented in the Confirm Resolution field thatbecomes visible on the General tab. This will change the status from 'Resolved'to 'Assigned' and notification will be sent to the appropriate support peopleasif the ticket is a new ticket...including the escalations if no one looks at itright away. None of the information included in the ticket will be lost, it isonly the STATUS of 'Assigned' that puts it into the system for processing as anew ticket. This prevents the ticket getting lost in the queue when it isreopened instead of closed by the customer - if a support person does notreviewit and change the status, then it is escalated and the managers arenotified.  If the case is already closed, and you discover that there arestill outstanding issues, you need to do one of two things. You can open a newticket and reference the old one, making the summary something like"Reopenticket xxx, solution is not satisfactory", OR you can send email to thegroup (SCACAD,SCADM,SCSYS) that worked on the ticket and ask that ticket xxx bereopened. Once the status of a ticket is CLOSED, only ITEC can reopen it.

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