Vol. 8, No. 2

February7, 2000


Tableof Contents

1.       OracleInstaller

2.       RemedyHelpdesk



1.         Oracle Installer


If you have any problems using an older Oracle Installer(for example from Developer 1.3.2, 2.0 etc.) to remove or add Oracle software,you may need to download and utilize a newer Installer program.  A couple campuses have encountered thisproblem since the first of the year. The symptoms are a gpf in MSVCRT.DLL, orOIEXEC.DLL or sometimes in the kernel. Please download the patch from the following FTP site:


I was instructed to use the 33110c.[exe, zip], you will alsofind a word doc file there explaining what to do...  Basically the old installer is not Y2K compliant.

PLEASE NOTE: you can use the new installer to load newprograms by using the From in the top left corner of the installer and locatethe appropriate *.PRD file.  You canalso select to install the new installer into your ORACLE HOME so that you canrun it from Start->Programs-> Oracle for...  This way the next time you go to use the Oracle Installer on yourmachine, you wont get any of the gpf problems.

Please let me know if you have any questions orconcerns!


Submitted by Michael Notarius,      



2.         Remedy Helpdesk


This is a reminder that ITEC has been in production withRemedy Corporations automated HELPDESK software since January 1.  We encourage you to submit all futurerequests, questions,  problems andcomments via Remedy.


Advantages for you of this new system include:


*Tracking of your requests -

The system will note the time you submitted your request andwhich area you submitted it to.  If theticket is not worked on, it will be escalated by the system.  Ron, Joe and Mike have access to reportsthat will keep them apprised of the status of all tickets.  The request is also stamped with the name ofthe last person to modify it.


*The ability to check on the progress/status of the request-

We have added a feature that will enable you to view thework log.  This will give you the statusof the ticket, which support person or group is working on it and what stepshave been taken to resolve it.  Thisinformation is available on the tab labeled Updates.  

*User closes the ticket or the system does; ITEC personneldo not -
Its not OK until you say it is. You will receive email notification when ITEC feels it has resolved theissue.  At that time you have three daysto notify us if you do not agree that the problem has been resolved.


*Customer satisfaction surveys available for each ticket-

This survey is automatically presented to you when you markthe ticket closed.  Along with rankingthe service received, you will be provided with a text box to enter commentsspecific to the handling of that issue.


Please check out the information on our website, 


There you will find information about downloading andinstalling the client product as well as documentation for creating, monitoringand closing a ticket.

Remedy can be used as a client/server tool or a web-basedtool, although currently you cant view or add attachments (log files, screenshots, other supporting information) via Remedy Web.  Attachments are easily included and viewed when using the clienttools.

Please contact me (Valerie Anastasi) withany questions or to request a username/password.


If the situation is mission critical, you should stillcontact us after hours at 716-878-4832.


Submitted by Valerie Anastasi,



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