Vol. 8., No. 5
June 12, 2000

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1. CBTWeb (SmartForce) Servers


1. CBTWeb (SmartForce) Servers

As of June 14th, ITEC will change the procedure for accessing the SUNY wideCBTWeb(SmartForce) servers.
The link is the same:, selectSelf-PacedLearning.

The following will change:

1) A new convention is now being used for your username:

    Campus abbreviation / old username (all in lowercase)

    Example: bsc/kathy

*The campus abbreviation is a unique three character code assigned to acampus.

*The link to the table of campus abbreviations can be found on the logonpage and here:

2) Any old links or bookmarks pointing to the SUNY wide SmartForce CBTWebcourses, willbe outdated and should be updated.

3) The new 2.62 version of the SmartForce player will be available todownload. Thisversion runs on all Windows 95/98/2000 & NT systems. If you have the olderversion ofthe player and you do not wish to upgrade to the 2.62 player, you do not needto at thistime. The older player will still work. However, ITEC recommends using the newplayer withthe newer courses. You will need to update your player when our University-wideCBTWebservers are updated to SmartForce Web 4.6. You will be informed when thishappens.

Please continue to go through ITEC's links to the logon page so that youwill always beinformed of any updates to the CBTWeb procedures.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact ITEC at thefollowing: or

Submitted by Kathy Pohl, Systems and Networking Support Group(


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