Vol. 8., No. 3
March 9, 2000

Table of Contents

1.    Remedy News for March2000
2.    Free Unzip Software
3.    Wizard

1.    Remedy News for March2000

ITEC is in full swing with Remedy Corporation’s HelpDesksoftware. Itis the preferred method of contacting us when you need assistance.

The next step in the transition will be a change in the emailnotificationsystem. Beginning next week, when a request for assistance is sent to SCACAD,SCADM, orSCSYS, an automatic response will be generated and the email will be forwardedto a newaddress within ITEC. A Remedy ticket will be opened on your behalf.

Please use the Remedy tool to monitor the progress of yourrequest forinformation or service. When status of the ticket changes as the support staffworks onit, you will be notified.

We have added a link on ITEC’s home page ( the creation, monitoring and updating of tickets. Clicking on this linktakes you toan intermediate page where you can download the plugins if needed beforeconnecting toRemedyWeb. Please note that you will be unable to add or view attachments overthe web. Toadd or view attachments, you must use the client tool. This is detailed in theRemedy Userdoc.

Both the install and user doc have been updated recently. The doc and theclientsoftware are available for download from the Remedy download and informationpage. Theyare also available at this ftp site:

The FAQ link on the Remedy download and information page has been activated.Theinitial set of FAQs includes:

How do I update information on my tickets?
How do I reopen a ticket?
Can I use the Web?

Submitted by Valerie Anastasi (


2.    Free UnzipSoftware

I found this utility on the WEB as a FREE replacement for WinZIP. As it isfree toeducational institutions you might want to replace any unregistered versions ofWinZipthat you might have.

I tested it on W95, W98 and WinNT and all seem to work fine. Theinstallationinstructions are clear.

To download:

- Get the files from one of the Web sites listed below.

- If you are running W95 and haven’t loaded Visual Basic run timefiles, you mustobtain VB runtime files version 5.0 from Microsoft and install first.

Note: This is not in the setup instructions and I got the information fromthe author.



Easy Zip 99 ReadMe

Welcome to Easy Zip 99. Easy Zip 99 is a mature Archive manager thataccommodates youreveryday needs perfectly. It brings with it a host of new features, whichinclude ...

Full Cab Support including MSZIP and LZX technologies
Quicker Zipping and Unzipping due to a new engine from Info-Zip
Built in Encryption and Comments features
Tight integration with the Win9x/NT4+ Shell
Easier opening of self-extracting archives through Explorer Context Menus
New windows look and feel with UI consistent with IE4/Win98
New 32-bit Zip SFX which is fully customizable and 32-bit Cab SFX
All new HTML Help file for improved understanding
Fully tested on Win 98, Win 95 and Win NT 4 (SP4)


Cab Files on LZX outperform .zip and .rar(unsupported) formats in thecompressionratios.

All the treasures like full explorer support, zip registering etc are hiddenin theFiles-Options-Configuration section.

Visit for the newMicrosoftCommon Control DLL.

Easy Zip 99 is FREE for non-commercial users (home users, charitable andacademicinstitutions) and $20 for all others with attractive volume pricing.

Licenses Pricing:

Single User $20
2 to 9 computers $15
10 to 24 computers $10
25 to 49 computers $8
50 to 99 computers $5
100 to 99 computers $4
200-499 computers $3
500-999 computers $2

For OEM licenses/larger volumes mail

Easy Zip 99 Website - or

Last updated: 2-04-1999


Submitted by Bob Hemmings (


3.    Wizard

The SUNY Training Center and ITEC are sponsoring a Spring 2000 Wizard March28-30,2000. There is no registration fee, unless you register at the door. If youregister atthe door there will be a $50 late registration fee. Wizard will be held at theHoliday Innin Syracuse (New York State Thruway Exit 37). For hotel reservations, call315-457-1122(mention that you are attending the Wizard conference). Additional information,theagenda, and registration can be found at the Training Center’s web site(

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (


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