Vol. 8., No. 10
November 3, 2000

Table of Contents
1. LAN Installation of Oracle Developer
2. SVRMGRL Functions in SQL*Plus
3. Security Alerts 
4. SmartForce Campus is Here!
5. TopClass 4.2.1 - Enterprise and AuthoringSuite
6. Remedy Upgrade is Here!


1. LAN Installation of OracleDeveloper

It has come to our attention that Oracle is no longer supporting LANinstallations of Oracle Developer. Oracle realizes that manycustomers are currently using this configuration and provides instructions onhow to set it up. However, they will not provide support for anyproblems that may arise using this configuration. For details please see thefollowing URL's:

Submitted by Joe Lofft ( 


2. SVRMGRL Functions in SQL*Plus

Beginning with Oracle 8.1, you can now startup/shutdown the database viaSQL*Plus. Oracle is doing this in preparation for the removalof the SVRMGRL utility. From the operating system prompt issue the command"SQLPLUS /NOLOG". You can then issue the "CONNECTINTERNAL".

It is rumored that the "INTERNAL" user will be taken away in thenear future, possibly with 8.1.7 or 9.x. When this happens you willhave to use the command "CONNECT username AS SYSDBA".

Submitted by Joe Lofft (


3. Security Alerts

Dave Kinsley from Binghamton has pointed out the following securityalerts:

1. Vulnerability in the Oracle Listener Program, effects versions 7.3.4,8.0.6 and 8.1.6 on all platforms. Using this vulnerability,a knowledgeable and malicious attacker can potentially gain a higher level ofaccess to the Oracle owner account and Oracle databases and introducemalicious code into various operating systems.

For more information see:

2. Under some circumstances, it is possible to bring down the OAS listenerby issuing certain telnet commands or other unexpectedcommunication at the listener port. Although no data is compromised, theability to bring down the listener may enable a denial of service(DoS) attack.

For more information see:<>

Submitted by Joe Lofft (


4. SmartForce Campus is Here!

SmartForce Campus 1.61 is now available to all ITEC customers for localinstallations! Thru the SUNY contract withSmartForce, your local Campus server can host 350 courses. Also, students canhaveaccess to an additional 600 courses thru the University-wide CBTWeb****server.


The University-wide Server will be changing over from CBTWeb 4.11 to Campus1.61 soon. Reporting of individual college's student activityon the U-wide server will become available when this change takes affect. More details to come soon.

Please visit the SmartForce CBT News link at:

Submitted by Kathy Pohl (


5. TopClass 4.2.1 - Enterprise andAuthoring Suite

The TopClass Enterprise and Authoring Suite (Publisher, Player andAssistants) 4.2.1 releases are available in ITEC's Getsoftware'sftp area for TopClass participating campuses.  For more information on theAuthoring Suite release, pleaseread:

And for more information on the TopClass Enterprise 4.2.1 release, pleaseread:

A TopClass Enterprise training class is being scheduled for December 6 &7 at the SUNY Training Center. Please look for thisannouncement from the Training Center.

Submitted by Betty Spencer (


6. Remedy Upgrade Is Here!

Software distribution for the latest version of Remedy has begun. For thoseof you who picked up the software at Wizard, it would behelpful if you install it as soon as you can. For those of you who have not yetreceived the software, it is available, along with documentation forinstalling the upgrade, on the web at


If you would like a CD and/or hard copy of the documentation, please sendemail<> or call ITEC at (716) 878-4832 andask for Valerie.

As announced at Wizard, once the software is distributed and we have had achance to follow up with the campuses, we will schedule theserver upgrade and communicate the upgrade date to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, either by email orby phone.The good news about this upgrade is that the communication between the clientand the server has been streamlined. This means thatthings move along much faster and chances are you won't spend time staring atan hourglass.

Submitted by Valerie Anastasi, (


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