Listserv Services

List creation is available to SUNY ITEC members on ITEC's Lyris web and email-accessible listserv.  To request a list, you need to open an ServiceNow request with the ITEC Service Desk requesting the list with the following information:

  • A single word name of the list which will be displayed in lower case. A naming convention has been instituted for any new lists being created. This naming convention includes a three-character prefix for the list name; the Service Desk will work with you to determine what best suits your list.
  • A short explanation of what the list is about.
  • Who will be the list owner or moderator for the list along with their email address and telephone number.  List owners must take complete control of their list.
  • All lists will be created private and not globally visible: subscription requests will be emailed to list admin for approval; only members can post.
  • What list type you want:
  • Distribution list. All members' email will be posted directly to the list. This is the usual type of list requested. Non members can not post
  • Moderated list. All members' email will be directed to the Moderator. Moderator will decide which members' email will be sent to the list,
  • Announcement (read-only list): only mail from the Moderator will be sent  to the list. No notice will be sent back to the sender explaining that the list is read-only.

    These above options can be changed at any time by the list admin.
  • Once the list is created, the list admin can produce a welcome message that will be sent to new subscribers.
  • A message you want at the beginning of each post (none is okay).
  • A message you want at the ending of each post (none is okay). This is sometimes used to remind users how to unsubscribe, ask for help, etc.

The above two items can be created or changed by the list admin.

To learn more about Lyris, documentation can be obtained at

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SUNY Lists

To join any of these SUNY lists using your SUNY email address, send the following command to

subscribe listname youremailaddress fullname
i.e., subscribe itecl Betty Spencer

  • ezproxy - EZProxy discussion list (open to all higher ed librarians)
  • fact2-l - SUNY Faculty Access to Computing Technology discussion list
  • itecl - SUNY ITEC discussion list
  • linuxl - Linux discussion list (open to non-SUNY members)
  • sunycpd-l- SUNY Center for Professional Development list
  • webteach - Using the web to enhance the classroom
  • sunypm - Discussion list for individuals that manage campus based or SUNY-wide IT projects

Subscribing to coa-l (SUNY staff computer user community discussion list):

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