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Maple Software Information
SUNY/ITEC's Maple Information Page



 ě Maple Application Center  Maple Application Center has over 2,500 examples in over 80 categories.  These examples of Maple worksheets can be downloaded by all users.

 ě Maple Primes Web Site (Secured Access)  Maple Primes Authorization Codes will be emailed to the campus License Manager. áMaple Primes is your access point to new and innovative technology from Waterloo Maple. Maple Primes contains downloadable add-on packages available to you free of charge as part of your subscription.

 ě Maple Student Center  Maple Student Center provides students with tutorials and other resources useful for learning and using Maple.

 ě Maple Technical Support web.  Only authorized ITEC people are allowed to contact Maple directly for support but this site provides helpful FAQs.  SUNY users do not need to register products. 

If you know of any links that we should add to this list, please send them to ITEC Academic Support (services@itec.suny.edu).