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Mathematica Software Information
SUNY/ITEC's Mathematica Information Page



The Mathematica Online Resource Guide is a comprehensive list of Mathematica-related links that includes information on resources, support, training, events, and more.  Even though the site displays "SUNY College at Buffalo State," this is the SUNY Mathematica Site Center.


Wolfram has produced a screen cast called "Using Traditional Form: Making Output Look like Mathematics," which teaches you how to automatically configure Mathematica, including ghosted installations, to display output with traditionally typeset equations and math notation.  This is especially useful for machines in student labs and classrooms.


To obtain webMathematica Amateur to create websites that are powered by Mathematica--with rotatable graphics and sliders,and other interactive controls that compute new results when parameters change - click on the following link to the webMathematica Amateur request form.