About Us

The Evolution of ITEC: 1988 to Now

The Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC) was established in 1988 by participating SUNY campuses and University-wide programs. What began as a modest SUNY help desk has grown into an essential service center providing IT managed services and hosting across SUNY.  ITEC has over 50 member campuses and supports all SUNY campuses, in one way or another, with various levels of technology. Membership is open to all SUNY campuses.

Today, ITEC is a proud member of the SUNY Alliance of Strategic Technologies (AST), working to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of campus-based and University-wide IT services.

ITEC is comprised of several technical teams providing depth and breadth of expertise including System Administrators, Database Administrators, Network Analysts, Storage Administrators, Hypervisor Administrators, a Project Management Office, and a Service Management Office. Our 44 analysts average over 18 years of IT experience!

ITEC is an intrinsic part of the University-wide IT footprint providing cost effective services to the SUNY community.  We play an integral role in IT Service delivery, contract negotiations, and advancing technology across SUNY. Simply put, ITEC is IT for our Members’ IT departments.

Mission & Vision


The SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center is a self-sustaining university-wide department providing secure, predictable, stable, and cost-effective IT services to SUNY campuses.


To expand our IT service offerings to meet strategic campus business needs in a dynamic higher ed and Information Technology environment. ITEC will be the logical choice for IT services for any SUNY campus.

ITEC Mantra

Secure, Predictable, Stable, Cost Effective Services

Doing Cloud before cloud was cool!